Simon Says Discord Bot

This bot allows servers with:
- Eliminate & Enter Commands
- Type & Coin flip Commands
- Multiple Sharding for faster responses 
- Mobile Support Team
- A fun & safe bot

Why choose the bot?

Fast Response Times

The Bot has multiple shards to ensure user(s) get their bot in the server giving them fast responses

Mobile Support Team

Our team can join your server to help setup the bot or you can just tell us and we can help you via text!

Easy to use

The bot is easy to use and setup with commands and roles. No coding or extreme setup required!


The bot is trusted by Discord and is verified, same as on and other bot listing sites 

About the bot

The bot was inspired by the classic game of Simon Says. Then Grinder started the bot and added it to multiple bot listing sites and after 3 weeks, the bot is now verified! Believe in yourself and you can achieve your wildest dreams.

Lead Team

The founders and coders of our bot or our Lead Staff in this project.



Big boss dude. Grinder#0001 is my Discord Username & Tag and if you need bot security help, dm me!


Bot Manager

King of discipline I am Polutus#6969 in Discord. I also am skilled in banning


Bot Manager

Pretty chill dude


Bot Moderator

I am stalking my prey, yes you.

Our bot is verified!

Discord verified Simon Says!

How cool is that?! Simon Says is now a verified Discord Bot and can be added to more than 100 servers now! Thanks to everyone who helped!

Bot Storage Increases

The bot is now faster than before!

The bot storage has been increased to 100 GB as the bot progressively grows and requires more storage for more servers/users!

Our bot is on! verified our bot!

Yes, the almighty has verified our bot on thier site now! How exciting!!!

Our bot is renovating!

Bot is getting some sweet new commands!

Keep your eyes peeled for some new commands and features coming in soon!


What a great bot! With multiple functions and easy setup and use commands, this bot is absolutely amazing! 

- Memerov

Bot User

Definitely one of the great bots out there, just need some help with setup but otherwise absolutely amazing! Team is nice, Support Team helped out a lot and after setup was a breeze

- Adrian 

Bot User

very nice bot with multiple shards and fast response. Highly recommended

- Jennifer

Bot User

I can’t believe how much the bot has grown and how effective it is for my server. My server is now so active and is now partnered with discord on how active the bot has brung us

- Savage Light

Bot User

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Direct Message

Direct Message Grinder#0001 if you need assistance


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